Week 8 // Feb 18 – Feb 24

This week, the gaslighting was intense. The bright spot was the incredible Satoshi email dump (linked below) and Bukele at CPAC. The insanity about Google’s AI Gemini lived rent free in my brain this week. I can’t stop thinking about how cucked this AI model is. Google suite is in almost all public schools in America and if this is what kids are interacting with, well WTF is actually happening. Distortion of reality is what is happening. For a while I felt like we were winning. Like the Yoel Roths were losing, then this shit happens with AI. I do, however, remain steadfast in my optimism. We are so back.

The Frog Feed was filled with many gems this week. You should definitely click throug to the reads. And the non-bitcoiners reading this should click through to the Satoshi emails. This is the white rabbit, now follow.

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