Week 20 & 21 // May 12 – May 25

Yes, I missed a week. So sue me. Anyway it has been a wild two weeks in the blogosphere. The Dissident right was DDOS by troon culture war last week but resumed normal programming this week, that is only talking about culture war and not the root cause of the problems the money. Bitcoiners simped so hard that they lost it all. Breedlove controversy and Saylor rekt. Gun guys quietly shipping files.

I personally shipped my latest print piece from The Inscription Issue titled “Ordinals Unleashed” which looks at the impact of the meta protocol on Bitcoin blockspace demand.

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Happy Memorial Day weekend all (except commies).


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Soon, if not already, Artificial Intelligence will pilot the war drones, and questions of human empathy and universal touchstones will be buried under the rubble of indifference once more. – Morgoth


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