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  • Week 19 // May 5 – May 11

    Week 19 // May 5 – May 11

    Good week. Good content. Click links. Yes, this is late, but the articles are still fire. Lot’s happening across all channels. Frog Feed → Knight Moves By Mark Bisone (my favorite this week) Under the Digital Eye of Sauron By Mary Harrington What is to Be Done? By Tree of Woe “It’s all fake and gay…

  • Week 17 // Apr 21 – Apr 27

    Week 17 // Apr 21 – Apr 27

    Incredibly dark week for the world us the USG continues its assault on liberty. Pretty bummed since Wednesday. Need the weekend. That’s all. Frog Feed → Guncad → Bitcoin Index →

  • Week 14 // Mar 31 – Apr 6

    Week 14 // Mar 31 – Apr 6

    I had a great week and excellent Easter last weekend. Built out a proof of concept page on Beefcoin that shows all the Bitcoiner’s youtube accounts in one spot. It is pretty dope, and updates automatically. You should check it out below called watch bitcoin. Frog Feed → Guncad → Bitcoin Index →

  • Week 10 // Mar 3 – Mar 9

    Week 10 // Mar 3 – Mar 9

    Late again, but this time for good reason. I was in Vegas and it was worth it. The RePlatform conference was small but interesting and the Astral Ball was the weirdest thing I have done in a long time. You know the feeling when the cool kids are doing something and you are not in…

  • Week 8 // Feb 18 – Feb 24

    Week 8 // Feb 18 – Feb 24

    This week, the gaslighting was intense. The bright spot was the incredible Satoshi email dump (linked below) and Bukele at CPAC. The insanity about Google’s AI Gemini lived rent free in my brain this week. I can’t stop thinking about how cucked this AI model is. Google suite is in almost all public schools in…

  • Week 7 // Feb 11 – Feb 17

    Week 7 // Feb 11 – Feb 17

    This seemed like a quiet week, but don’t let that fool you. There were plenty of psyops to go around. We have never been so back. Also keep your head on a swivel. While Bitcoin is raging, are you enjoying the culture war, Anon? The state hates you and you are all on a list…

  • Style and Newsletter

    Style and Newsletter

    Last week we refreshed the look and style of the website. Notable we are running with a more consistent style guide. Imagery We have not made a ton of new content (yet) but moving forward we will use a halftone/duotone approach to images. The photos will be grilling or beef related and or iconic imagery.…

  • Refreshed Home Page

    Refreshed Home Page

    This is what happens when you really like a project, you just keep shipping and making it get better. What launched like 2 weeks ago, now looks completely different. Since the original launch, I’ve built specific pages for Guncad community and Dissidents. Then I reformatted them over the weekend. The homepage which was once a…



    A couple quick updates… Appearance After much thought and testing, I am abandoning the burnt orange main color on the website. Seeing the beefcoin logo against the black background looks sick, and everyone (with a soul) prefers dark mode on web. Also tweaked the font color to white instead of cream. FROG FEED The big…

  • Dissident is live

    Dissident is live

    Move fast and break things. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I went ahead and built a page for the dissident. Of all the categories (Bitcoin and Guncad) this one will probably end up being the most used. While the culture war rages on, the dissident’s ideas are spreading like wildfire. This page has…