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  • Week 16 // Apr 14 – Apr 20

    Week 16 // Apr 14 – Apr 20

    I had a productive week shipping a couple pieces. Feels good man. Happy Bitcoin Halving. RIP SMB Miners (me). Frog Feed → Guncad → Bitcoin Index →

  • Week 15 // Apr 7 – Apr 13

    Week 15 // Apr 7 – Apr 13

    It feels like a slow week on the dissident web. Those of you keyed in on Bitcoin, the culture war is raging very hard, although not a lot of articles to share. Kinda like IYKYK. Anyway, I think some of the RSS feeds are not pulling, so need to debug that for next week. Please…

  • Week 13 // Mar 24 – Mar 30

    Week 13 // Mar 24 – Mar 30

    My big takeaway this week is how much infighting happens in all three of the communities we cover. Absolutely insane. I know this is meme warfare and all, but sometimes y’all got to remember we are fighting malthusians, not each other. Also, meme harder, so yeah, keep infighting. Have a blessed weekend. Frog Feed → Guncad →…

  • Week 12 // Mar 17 – Mar 23

    Week 12 // Mar 17 – Mar 23

    The most insane thing that happened this week was the Niggacoin phenomenon and the continue retardation of bitcoin twitter. I know there is infighting always in groups but there is a new level of retard brewing on twitter. Side note, white pill moment… Today an inspector came to look at our roof today for some…

  • Week 11 // Mar 10 – Mar 16

    Week 11 // Mar 10 – Mar 16

    Another based and blessed week in the books. Gaslighting continues but morale remains high. Are we so back? Yes, we are so back. Keep your chin up anon. Click the links, read the words. Frog Feed → The gist: the harder distrusted sources try to control “the narrative”, the more damage they do to the sources.…

  • Week 9 // Feb 25 – Mar 2

    Week 9 // Feb 25 – Mar 2

    Yes, this is late. I had Friday off with the family. Links might be stale but you should still read them. CLICK THEM AND READ THEM AND FOLLOW THE AUTHORS. Frog Feed → Guncad → Before we get into Guncad section, I have to share this terrifying video of a drone chasing down and ending a soldier.…

  • Week 6 // Feb 4 – Feb 10

    Week 6 // Feb 4 – Feb 10

    Another week in the books, and the content didn’t disappoint. Tucker Carlson single-handedly broke minds this week by posting a 2 hour interview with Putin. On a personal note, I asked my brother in law if he is planning on watching the interview. My brother in law who is a self described “conservative”, more accurately…

  • Week 5 // Jan 28 – Feb 3

    Week 5 // Jan 28 – Feb 3

    This is the first installment of the Beefcoin newsletter. No Subscribers and no fucks to give. LFG. Let this pave the way for more curation. I am not sure how this format will change but I think it is good enough to MVP. -Joe Frog Feed → Guncad → Bitcoin Index → FOOTNOTES