Beefcoin Backlog

  • Week 5 // Jan 28 – Feb 3

    Week 5 // Jan 28 – Feb 3

    This is the first installment of the Beefcoin newsletter. No Subscribers and no fucks to give. LFG. Let this pave the way for more curation. I am not sure how this format will change but I think it is good enough to MVP. -Joe Frog Feed → Guncad → Bitcoin Index → FOOTNOTES

  • Refreshed Home Page

    Refreshed Home Page

    This is what happens when you really like a project, you just keep shipping and making it get better. What launched like 2 weeks ago, now looks completely different. Since the original launch, I’ve built specific pages for Guncad community and Dissidents. Then I reformatted them over the weekend. The homepage which was once a…



    A couple quick updates… Appearance After much thought and testing, I am abandoning the burnt orange main color on the website. Seeing the beefcoin logo against the black background looks sick, and everyone (with a soul) prefers dark mode on web. Also tweaked the font color to white instead of cream. FROG FEED The big…

  • Dissident is live

    Dissident is live

    Move fast and break things. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I went ahead and built a page for the dissident. Of all the categories (Bitcoin and Guncad) this one will probably end up being the most used. While the culture war rages on, the dissident’s ideas are spreading like wildfire. This page has…

  • Guncad Live

    Guncad Live

    In an attempt to build all the things, I went ahead and dumped as many guncad repos on This feels like a really logical fit for Beefcoin as you can see at a glance many of the latest builders catalogs of designs. My hope over the next few weeks is so add additional blogs…

  • Update


    I launched last week with a MVP mindset, just hit print. This week added a bunch of SW projects to the site. They are not pretty to look at, but you can see WHEN the projects were updated and link directly to their release notes and bits. Next, I started adding more people’s newsletters/blogs. It…

  • Public Launch

    Public Launch

    July 13 I launched Beefcoin on twitter. We got 7 likes which is pretty dope. Also legendary artist, Cryptograffiti, generously donated a very dope avatar to the cause. Original Logo developed by midjourney New logo donated by Cryptograffiti What’s next I have been kicking around the idea of embedding AV from pods but haven’t found…